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How Do I Register?

Enter a your Name, Password (twice), valid email address and the Image Verification letters or digits (CAPCHA). Scroll down and click the register button.

How Do I Get Verification Code?

Enter Image Verification letters or digits (CAPCHA) in the box as they appear on the registration form

I Have Registered But Can't Post?

Check your email to follow the link in order to confirm your registration and update your profile

Can I Advertise A Job Position?

To post a company job position, send a PM to the admin with a short job description. If accepted, you will be allowed a post in the Lounge with a short job description and a link to an external source where interested parties may get more information. The posting on our board may not include any contact information. After we have reviewed your post, it will be made a sticky, staying at the top of the forum for 30 days.

Is Payment Secure On This Site?

All payments go through our third party secured payment platform.

Once I Register For A Course, How Long Before It Expires?

All subscribed course expire within 365 days.

How Long Before I Get Response To Queries?

All queries are queued and attended to within few hours.




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